Settlement Bank

Corporate Banking

As a major bank of Euro, we can become your Euro settlement bank, giving you direct access to the EURO1/STEP1 payment system and to the CLS Nostro Agent payment services via Target2.


CLS Nostro Agent

Through CLS Nostro Agent we can offer a full range of clearing services in Euro with direct access to the CLS bank and thus reduce the settlement risk in foreign exchange transactions.


With the STEP1 service we provide you with a direct access to the system operated by the European Banking Association. You have the possibility to reach all the members of EURO1 and STEP1 directory, exchanging your FIN payments independently with minimal technical development.


LC Reimbursement

We accompany you as your Reimbursement Bank when you choose to issue credit letters. In our offer you will discover two models of credit letters (standard option or MT202 option).

Our solutions

We offer smart clearing services to help financial institutions to manage commercial and treasury payments worldwide.

Corporate Banking


Our two FX solutions enable you to handle your cross-border and multi-currency payments automatically and rapidly

Corporate Banking

SEPA Sub-Participation

BNP Paribas facilitates your international mass transactions with our SEPA services.

Corporate Banking