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The easiest way to master your business's finances

CENTRIC is an award-winning banking platform for corporates and institutionals. It offers all your banking needs on one single platform. That means cash management, trade finance, FX, market insights, reporting and more.

From anywhere, at any time. No need to worry about office hours in New York or Hong Kong, as long as markets are open, Centric is here for you.

A platform dedicated to your daily banking activities, with inherent flexibility so that it can be designed to match your needs.

Different service suites

CENTRIC is a unique portal where you can take care of all your business’ digital banking needs with BNP Paribas, from insights to transactions and services.


Make better, informed decisions

Get a better understanding of current events, tap into BNP Paribas’ market information, intelligence and analytics. Come for the insights, stay for the transactions.

Number of users

CIB - Centric - Insights

Smart people saying smart things about global market issues. Things that can help shape your decisions on your daily operations. In a nutshell, that is what you can find in our Research app. This app is only available for MiFID professional clients.

Market Data

This is where you can keep your eye on what’s going on in the South China Sea, or on what the European Commission is cooking up. You know, things you’ll want to monitor closely. Want to dig deeper? The app includes FX spot, equity indices, bonds and rates, yield curves, for example. It also has a nifty market calendar for important economic events and market announcements.

CIB - Centric - Transaction

Number of transactions per year
31.5 million


Balance your liquidity and cash flows

You need your money in the right place at the right time. Centric offers transparent overviews so you can make sure your currency accounts are covered accordingly. Phew, try saying that five times.

Change currencies and cover your risk

We’re a bank, we aim for zero risk and will do everything we can to help you obtain the same, without missing out on the best deal.

Master your trade flows, make sure your goods arrive on time

Import, export, initiate and exchange trade documents and get alerted to upcoming delivery dates. Leave no container behind!

Cash Management

Be in total control of your money. Do you want it here or on the other side of the planet? Securely initiate, trace payments and collections worldwide. We can even hook up to your treasury system for that fully automated approach. We can also take care of your liquidity management and money market needs. Talk about a power tool.


Park your money for a day up to a year in any currency or tenor. See all available rates for your company accounts and selected currencies. You can also see your complete trade history, for that full transparency we know you love.

Trade Finance

Those containers can’t wait, so get those import or export letters of credit, shipping guarantees and financing requests where they need to be, asap. But don’t bother with paper, do it all online. Thanks to our dashboard, you can get a good view on your outstanding tasks the moment you start up Centric.

Foreign Exchange

This is our instant euro-to-dollar (and many more currency pairs) machine. It also does spots, swaps and forwards, for all your hedging needs. Get a good overview of your FX activity thanks to our trade blotter. That’s a glorified Excel sheet. Just as useful, but much prettier. And you can click more buttons.

Supply Chain

Manage your accounts payable like a boss. Same goes for accounts receivable, remittance advising and reconciliation. Want a discount? Initiate discount requests here. We’ll throw in reporting for free. Same for uploading discounting and settlement files. What more could you wish for?


Speed up international payments

Communicate proactively about your payments with our compliance department.

Transparent reporting

Track what deals you have done and what they are worth at any given time. If you like reporting, you’ll love Centric!

Percentage of payments confirmed digitally

CIB - Centric - Services

My Documents

My Documents is Treasure Island for anyone who needs to access reports regularly. In this on-line data repository, you can find any bank official report, such as Bank Cash Account Statements, Credit/Debit Advices and Interest Scale Statements. Click, export, done! Coffee anyone?


Compliance requirements imposed by banks often feel like an administrative and procedural cross that corporates must bear.

Efficient communication is the key to success here. To facilitate that experience, we have developed Inquiro. This app allows you to send compliance information on payments and improves the processing time of your transactions.

Deal Monitor

The app gives a detailed report of all transactions done with BNP Paribas, by phone or through Centric. It also shows the indicative value for all outstanding contracts across FX and interest rate products. So you can see, there’s a great deal to monitor here.

Confirmation Matching

Paper is for folding airplanes, not for printing confirmation statements. Track, retrieve and validate your confirmations for trades with BNP Paribas. Good for your records and regulatory discipline! Use your paper for this instead.

Emir Reporting

We have your back when it comes to reporting FX and interest rate derivatives deals to the regulator. If you want to double-check what we’re up to, we won’t take it personally. We welcome an extra pair of eyes. You’ll have a convenient overview of everything you’ve done lately.


‘I owe you, you owe me’. Great, let’s be pragmatic about this and reduce the amount of unnecessary transactions.

Net on the fly. Increase your efficiency, reduce your settlement risk and decrease manual work. All in a day’s work for our Netting app.