30,000 Feet and Rising: Sustainable Corporate Treasury Hits the Skies

BNP Paribas and JetBlue have taken off on a sustainability journey that highlights how businesses across all industries can embed ESG design into their corporate treasury investment operations.


Marking its 20th year in the skies since launching at New York’s Kennedy Airport, JetBlue is one of the most innovative US airlines and travel companies today. In a fiercely competitive marketplace, the company’s dedication to a culture of “Inspiring Humanity” has attracted 42 million discerning customers a year who board an average of 1,000 flights a day.
A notable example of its culture of innovation is in its approach to sustainability, where the firm continuously explores ways to reduce the amount of natural resources it uses on the ground and in the air – from new fuel-efficient aircraft and renewable jet fuel to electric vehicles and investing in the next generation of sustainable aviation start-ups. Every day, JetBlue focuses on the underlying principles that support its culture: safety, caring, integrity, passion and fun.

When JetBlue was looking at ways to embed sustainability principles into their treasury operations, they found a partner in BNP Paribas, a global leader in sustainable finance solutions for firms in all sectors looking to accelerate their transition. The financing toolkit for corporates includes everything from green bonds and sustainability-linked loans to sustainable supply chains.

In JetBlue’s case, the airline was looking at ways to invest its corporate cash in sustainability. BNP Paribas worked with JetBlue to create tailor-made solutions that meet the airline’s ESG and treasury guidelines while also providing a competitive return and the flexibility required to adhere to its investment policy.

“We’re actively working with BNP Paribas to develop options that enable us to invest JetBlue’s funds in like-minded companies with a focus on ESG.”

Brandon Nelson, JetBlue

For Suresh Subramanian, Head of Trade & Treasury Solutions in the Americas, this was a unique opportunity to look at how the development of the bank’s products could make a positive contribution to both its own goals and its clients’ in providing sustainable finance alternatives. “Whether it be collaborating with partners like JetBlue to create sustainable investment options or reviewing opportunities in supply chain finance, we want to be at the forefront of creative ideas to better align our traditional banking products to the aims of a more sustainable future,” he explains.
Brandon Nelson, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary at JetBlue, explains how the firm is actively exploring a range of sustainable initiatives, particularly in the field of its treasury investments. “We’re actively working with BNP Paribas to develop options that enable us to invest JetBlue’s funds in like-minded companies with a focus on ESG,” he says.

The relationship continues to strengthen and expand as BNP Paribas works in partnership with organizations to help advance their sustainable journey.