BNP Paribas is Investment Bank of 2020 in four categories: The Banker

Sustainable FIG financing, sustainability-linked loans, social bonds and IPOs: four categories, four wins for BNP Paribas in The Banker's Investment Banking Awards 2020.


The Banker magazine has named BNP Paribas winner in four global categories in its annual Investment Banking Awards:

  • Investment Bank of the Year for Sustainable FIG financing
  • Investment Bank of the Year for Sustainability-linked Loans
  • Investment Bank of the Year for Social Bonds
  • Investment Bank of the Year for IPOs

This year, The Banker, a Financial Times publication, has added new sustainable finance  categories to its annual awards in recognition of the growing importance of environmental, social and governance- (ESG-) driven investment. Its importance for policymakers, regulators and the banking sector alike is growing rapidly, in response both to the perils of global warming and to the economic challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

Want to know more about what’s happening in sustainable finance?

  • The vital role of financial institutions in sustainable finance – Sandrine Ferdane, Global Head of Financial Institutions Coverage (FIC) and Alexandra Basirov, Global Head of Sustainable Finance, FIC, look at the leading role the financial sector – comprising asset managers, banks, insurance companies, private equity funds, hedge funds, pension funds and official institutions – is playing in addressing today’s global challenges
  • Leading the evolution in sustainability-linked loans – Co-Heads of Sustainable Finance Markets, Cécile Moitry and Agnès Gourc, discuss how SLLs are allocating capital to corporates’ sustainability strategies and how they have spearheaded the establishment of the sustainability-linked bond market
  • Social bond response to Covid-19 wins recognition for BNP Paribas – how social bonds have helped support economies during the Covid-19 pandemic and prospects for future growth.