Global Markets

Our smart FX-solution enables you to manage cross-border payments in different currencies.

We have created an optimal FX tool well-suited for your needs and business.

FeasyX facilitates your daily Foreign Exchange payments with maximized efficiency, you will benefit from:

  • Save costs by avoiding owning several accounts
  • Generate your FX payments automatically with over 130 currencies
  • Secure process with no risk in managing unfamiliar counterparties and countries 

CIB Forex - FeasyX


FeasyX allows you to easily manage your foreign currency payments in a fast and efficient way through our automated process. This solution is ideal to facilitate managing your multiple currency accounts reuniting them into one single account.

Other solutions

We offer smart clearing services to help financial institutions to manage commercial and treasury payments worldwide.


Settlement Bank

As your EURO settlement bank, BNP Paribas has developed several services: access to STEP1, CLS Nostro Agent, LC Reimbursement


SEPA Sub-Participation

BNP Paribas facilitates your international mass transactions with our SEPA services.