Meet the BNP Paribas Sustainability Graduates of 2021

Amid a global health crisis, lockdowns and shut borders, BNP Paribas Corporate and Institutional Banking launched a new Sustainability Graduate Programme.

We welcomed six new graduates in November 2020, despite the challenging environment, maintaining our commitment to giving an opportunity to talented, energetic and enthusiastic young graduates seeking a career in sustainable finance.

Constance Chalchat, Head of Company Engagement for BNP Paribas CIB explained: “Net zero can only be achieved with engaged new talent. They are the generation that will live through the worse of climate change if we don’t act now. We made a point to launch the programme despite multiple challenges from the Covid-19 crisis because we want to nurture today the sustainability talent of tomorrow.”

The programme provides selected graduates with an opportunity to make a difference and learn from our leading specialists in sustainable and impact finance. These young employees are developing their skills in a stimulating international environment with three different assignments over 18 months. They will complement their on-the-job training with a certified programme with the Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership. 

The six grads recently shared what the Sustainability Graduate Programme means for them and how it will help their aspirations for a career in sustainability.

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