Risk recognises BNP Paribas at its prestigious annual awards

BNP Paribas receives two accolades at the Risk Awards 2024 for its inflation derivatives and credit portfolio businesses.


BNP Paribas has won Inflation Derivatives House of the Year and Credit Portfolio Manager of the Year at the Risk Awards 2024. These awards confirm the continued strength and resilience of BNP Paribas’ Corporate and Institutional Banking (CIB) during the current period of high interest rates and uncertain markets.

Credit portfolio manager of the year | Risk Awards 2024
Inflation derivatives house of the year | Risk Awards 2024

Delivering for clients in volatile markets

Inflation has been at the forefront of policy makers’ minds throughout 2023 as central banks tackle the impact of soaring food and energy prices, the growing cost of living crisis, and the ongoing pressures caused by the Russia-Ukraine war. The global nature of BNP Paribas’ inflation derivatives business meant the bank was able to react quickly to market movements, and provide clients in all regions with pertinent advice. With a very strong presence in Europe, BNP Paribas has also grown its footprint in the US, as well as increase its activity in less liquid markets, such as Latin America. As a result of the Bank’s expertise and continued success in these markets, Risk awarded BNP Paribas Inflation Derivatives House of the Year.

Inflation Derivatives team at BNP Paribas Global Markets

“We are honoured to receive this recognition for our inflation business,” comments Stephane Salas, European Head of Inflation Trading at BNP Paribas. “We have worked tirelessly to develop and expand our business on a global scale, and we are delighted to have been able to support clients through another challenging year for inflation derivatives.”

Dynamic capital and portfolio management

Increasing regulatory requirements, new capital frameworks – the Basel IV rule proposals – in the making, a challenging economic environment, and volatile markets, put capital and portfolio management at the centre of bank strategy. Dynamically managing its portfolio and continuously strengthen its risk transfer capabilities is a key priority for BNP Paribas. Our expert teams work in close coordination with institutional investors on risk sharing solutions such as synthetic risk transfer (SRT) securitisations and credit-insurance, to manage risk and optimise the Bank’s risk-weighted assets (RWA), and contributing to the Bank’s overall capacity to finance the real economy.

This has supported BNP Paribas capacity to successfully serve its clients and deliver shareholder value, all the while strengthening its capital structure. “We are really grateful to be in the position to serve clients and shareholders, all the while contributing to the financial stability of the Bank”, says Thomas Alamalhoda, Head of Resource & Portfolio Management. “BNP Paribas is one of the leading banks in proactive capital management, and this key competitive advantage will support the Bank’s capital management ambitions in the years to come.”

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