Air Liquide: driving sustainable solutions across the Middle East and Africa

Ronnie Chalmers, Vice President Africa, Middle East and India (AMEI) from Air Liquide, discusses the company’s sustainability journey and ambitions for the future.


As a global leader in gases, technologies and services for industry and health, Air Liquide is fully embracing the energy transition. With a commitment to carbon neutrality by 2050, the company’s journey towards a lower carbon model involves wide-reaching efforts across its products, solutions and its own operations.

From a joint venture with Siemens Energy to scale up the production of renewable hydrogen through electrolysis, to the development of its proprietary carbon capture technology – a pathway towards the production of low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia – Air Liquide is committed to making hydrogen a key element in tackling the decarbonisation challenge.

Speaking at the seventh edition of the BNP Paribas Sustainable Future Forum, Ronnie Chalmers, Vice President, Africa, Middle East and India, and member of the Executive Committee at Air Liquide, highlighted the region’s natural potential to generate high volumes of renewable energy that can accelerate the production of renewable hydrogen. He also highlighted that “many governments and corporations in the region are making commitments to net zero, creating a climate of positivity on the energy transition.”

BNP Paribas’ Vincent Prot, Managing Director and MEA Head of Advisory at the event, then discussed the role of finance in accelerating the corporate transition, to which Chalmers added: “the energy transition is going to bring companies together; there are going to be a lot projects that bring together different industries, and different technologies.’’ 

Vincent Prot concluded: “Air Liquide’s efforts position it as a clear change-maker, providing sustainable and innovative solutions to meet the challenges of the energy transition in the Middle East, Africa and India region. We’re proud to act as a long-term partner to support our client ambitions in transition to a lower carbon economy.’’

Watch the full discussion from the BNP Paribas Sustainable Future Forum.

Air Liquide and the sustainable transition to a low-carbon future in MEA 
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