FUTUR(e)S: in what world will we live in 2050?

FUTUR(e)S, the new publication, designed and created by BNP Paribas Investment Partners in collaboration with Erik Orsenna from the Académie Française and Yann Arthus Bertrand through its GoodPlanet Foundation completes a collection of 4 books dedicated to environmental issues. After AQUA, CLIMAT (e), VILLAGE and FOOD, FUTUR(e)S shares a vision of a world in perpetual transformation and its effects on our environment.


BNP Paribas Investment Partners signs 5 years of committed collaboration

Each year, BNP Paribas Investment Partners creates in collaboration with Erik Orsenna and Yann Arthus Bertrand, a publication dedicated to the environmental issues. After exploring themes related to water, climate, habitat and food, FUTUR(e)S is now focusing on the evolution of our world and our way of life …: a journey through time to discover the impact of this change on our environment.

This publication further underlines BNP Paribas Investment Partners’ responsible investor commitment, a cornerstone of its CSR approach.

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