How central banks and supranationals are combating the Covid downturn

Continued support from official institutions such as the ECB and the EIB will be crucial for the future prosperity of the world economy. Here's why.


“Covid-19 is a crisis like no other. Official institutions – including central banks – will be vital in shaping the world’s recovery moving forward.”

According to a recent publication by BNP Paribas Securities Services, central banks and supranational organisations are playing a vital role in counteracting the adverse effects of the 2020 Coronavirus outbreak on the financial markets and the international economy. These include:

  • A massive monetary policy response – comprising, in the case of the European Central Bank, significant liquidity injections, an easing of bank capital and collateral requirements, and a Pandemic Emergency Purchase Programme
  • A move to prioritising corporate quantitative easing (QE) purchases on environmental, social and governance- (ESG) related securities (including social bonds)
  • Direct intervention in the repo market, ensuring continued liquidity in the credit markets

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