How to scale up zero-emission mobility?

BNP Paribas partners up with Movin'On for a disruptive event aiming to map the zero-emission ecosystem and boost the move towards electromobility.


At a time when the transition to a lower carbon economy is ever more pressing, the issue of green transportation is moving to the fore. The question is no longer when or even how, but how fast. In this context, the Movin’On Lab, a ‘Think and Do Tank’, has initiated an approach called “Movin’On LAB Zero-emission Mobility powered by Capgemini” which aims to mobilise a broad ecosystem of actors and identify the main challenges and opportunities they will face.

The “Movin’On LAB Zero-emission Mobility powered by Capgemini” event kicked off with two days of virtual workshops on 7 and 8 December, with stakeholders including BNP Paribas, EDF, Faurecia, Microsoft and Solvay examining key challenges all across the battery and hydrogen value chains. The different workshops take a deep-dive into topics such as how to design a charging station network, how to secure investment for zero-emission vehicle projects and how to encourage employees to use zero-emission (ZE) mobility.

The Movin’On ecosystem offers a great opportunity to mobilise actors from both the public and private sectors in collaborative sessions to share their respective positions and discuss obstacles. This will help identify key issues and possible solutions, in order to fast forward the move to ZE mobility.

These initial workshops will be followed up on 20 and 21 January with “deep dive” sessions aiming to draw up roadmaps and identify concrete actions to be taken across the value chain, from energy production to recycling. The ultimate aim is to enable a collective and collaborative move towards European leadership in zero-emission mobility.

BNP Paribas and sustainable mobility

Sustainability is at the heart of BNP Paribas’ strategy, and the bank is one of the few multinationals to include the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a key element of its corporate strategy.

Together with Spanish utility Iberdrola, BNP Paribas recently launched an all-inclusive sustainable mobility solution integrating electric vehicle leasing through BNP Paribas subsidiary Arval, the installation of charging points financed by BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions and energy consumption supplied by Iberdrola. Other recent transactions involving the Bank in this area include Daimler‘s €1 billion, 10-year green bond designed to accelerate the company’s move towards to a low-carbon business model. Also, Volvo Cars recently established a Green Financing Framework off which it has raised its debut €500 million 7-year green bond to help finance investment in EVs, with BNP Paribas acting as structuring adviser.  

What is the Movin’On Lab?

The Movin’On Lab is an innovative and collaborative ‘Think and Do Tank’ aimed at promoting better life through sustainable mobility. Come and debate sustainable mobility topics, share your expertise, get updated news and connect with experts and other influential stakeholders (200 companies involved in the last two years) around the world!