On the road again

Innovation "anytime, anywhere" treasury, and cybercrime are changing the corporate treasury landscape and the road ahead.

A number of crucial questions are emerging in the web of the modern treasury landscape. Which technologies are going to impact on my decisions? What trends will be truly transformative? Which initiatives will be key to the journey?
The Journeys to Treasury report builds on conversations between BNP Paribas, SAP, PwC and the European Association of Corporate Treasurers.  Each of the four contributors share their expertise and offers insight into technological developments and solutions in the industry. The report provides a pragmatic vision as well as a reference and roadmap for corporate treasurers making their journey in the rapidly changing world.

Continued Innovation

The report addresses the disruptive potential of emerging technologies, including blockchain and big data, and the need to adopt a collaborative approach with fintechs.

Anytime, Anywhere Treasury

Although the evolving trend towards mobile 24/7 banking inevitably leads to faster payment processing, speed is not the only criteria for corporates. Journeys to Treasury delves deeper into the ‘Anytime, Anywhere Treasury’ concept, discussing the impacts of the move towards real time payments and their value to corporates.

Cybercrime and Fraud

As the risk of cybercrime rises, corporate treasurers are becoming increasingly aware of protecting their clients and business from these threats, and are waking up to the reality of the future changes required.

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