Scaling up solar energy for vulnerable communities

BNP Paribas partners with the Zayed Sustainability Prize's 20by2020 initiative to provide clean energy to vulnerable communities.


Through the UAE-led 20by2020 global humanitarian initiative, BNP Paribas has entered into a partnership with the Zayed Sustainability Prize to accelerate sustainable development in vulnerable communities.  The 20by2020 initiative seeks to address the most pressing issues related to health, food, energy and water.

Established in 2008, the Zayed Sustainability Prize is a global sustainability award that recognises impactful, innovative and inspirational sustainability solutions.  To date, over 352 million people have benefited from the projects recognised by the Prize.

The 20by2020 initiative mobilises the local deployment of technological solutions by previous Prize winners and finalists to vulnerable communities around the world and is an extension to the Prize. 

As part of the agreement for 20by2020, BNP Paribas is supporting water and energy related projects  to provide solar energy lighting to remote Indonesian villages, a Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh and water management systems in isolated Costa Rican communities.

Addressing energy access to support sustainable development is an important part of the program. For example, the 20by2020 project in Pulau Laut Selatan in South Kalimantan, Indonesia distributed 3,600 solar lanterns and 1,000 mobile-charging solar lanterns to local fishermen. This will provide a community of over 20,000 people with household lighting, replacing the current power sources of kerosene lamps, candles and diesel generators which will improve the overall health, safety, and environmental conditions within the community.