Brave New World: Digital Week 2017

Our inaugural Digital Week event in New York, Paris and London explored how we can harness the power of technology to create new ways of working.


Puzzled by digital transformation? Don’t know your big data from your UX? BNP Paribas Corporate & Investment Banking’s first ever Digital Week event (#DW17) for its employees in January and February 2017 examined the latest developments in digital technology, exploring how they are transforming both how we work and how business gets done.

As part of the event, we put on collaborative workshops, such as design thinking; talks by internal and external experts – including futurist and venture capitalist Nicklas Bergman; and interactive booths showcasing current and future capabilities. We also sought to explain our vision and demonstrate the depth of our involvement in leading projects with startups, fintechs and clients.

In the information age, those who own data, control data, or harvest meaning from data, are those that are creating the industries and businesses of the future.

Alec Ross, futurist and former adviser on innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

In sum, we sought to cut through the jargon, convey our thinking and highlight the opportunities open to those with a digital mindset – for it is undoubtedly those individuals and organisations most adaptable to change that will be best placed to reap the benefits of the digital transformation.

What is design thinking?
Design thinking is a human-centred method that uses empathy to put the client at the centre of the problem-solving process. Its power is in how it draws on an existing well of energy, creativity and talent to find new ways to tackle fresh challenges. At BNP Paribas we have begun to explore design thinking methods through workshops, bringing together the varied skills of clients and a diverse workforce from across multiple business areas – including at #DW17.

Our fast-paced design thinking workshops helped the attendees rediscover their creative confidence and foster a customer-centric and can-do culture. Highly interactive, the sessions resulted in lots of prototypes created by the participants – which they will now be testing at work! 

 Dean Demellweek: Digital Solutions at Global Markets, BNP Paribas CIB


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